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Big Track Energy is a newsletter covering elite (and non-elite) running, track and field, fitness culture and more. It’s a place to share my freelance work and miscellaneous thoughts that are too long for Twitter.


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If you’re an editor and you like what you’re reading, I’d love to write for you! Get in touch with me at johannagretschel@gmail.com. 

You can follow me on Twitter and instagram at @jojo_shea and learn more about me at www.johannagretschel.com. I’m also on Strava :)

So who is this, anyway?

My name is Johanna Gretschel and I’m a freelance writer and editor (and occasional broadcaster) with nearly a decade of experience covering athletics in print and on camera for Runner’s World, World Athletics, FloTrack/MileSplit, Podium Runner, ESPN+ and more.

You can check out the whole elevator pitch here.

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